Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

I have so much to be thankful for in this life and I am truly blessed.
I hope you  have a wonderful day with a heart full of gratitude.

I created this printable with a picture I took at my favorite lake and a wonderful quote by the amazing Deepak Chopra.
Feel free to print it for your own personal use. {Right click and save to your computer}

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog today.

I am Thankful. I am Blessed.

- Emily

I painted a bench white and I hope I don't lose followers over it.

Before I start sharing our home decked out in Christmas decorations, I thought I better hurry up and share this new bench in our entryway.  My mother-in-law picked it up at her neighbors yardsale a while back, but she didn't have room for it in her home so she gave it to me.

Target's Dollar Spot Tree Makeover

I haven't decorated for Christmas just yet, I'm waiting until we get back from our Thanksgiving holiday with family. But I have made a few new decorations to use around our home this year. 
Today I want to share with you these festive mini trees that I made over.

How I Painted our High Ceilings

Our back stairway has ceilings that are about 15 feet high. I have always wanted to paint them, but I thought I would have to hire a professional to come do it for me, and who knows what that would have cost. Then one day I went to True Value to see what they had to offer in extension poles, thinking if I combined one with a tall ladder, I just might me able to attempt it myself.  What I found was a total game changer!

If you  have ever felt overwhelmed with the thought of  painting your high ceilings, then I'm here to tell you, you can do it by yourself. Yes you can! I did!
And this is how:

Do You Follow Me On Pinterest?

Just like everybody else, I love Pinterest. Always have, Always will.
It's kinda funny but whenever I have a question about something, I find myself heading to Pinterest instead of Google. Like just the other day I was wondering what my options were for covering stairs, I searched it on Pinterest and not only did I find pictures for wood, carpet, and tile, but I also found unique ideas like wallpaper, wine corks,  and even tire treads.  Which got my brain swirling with all kinds of inspiration.  Pinterest  brings all these creative minds together in one spot and provides a world of ideas.

Anyway, Yes I love Pinterest, and I know you do too.  
But are you following me? If not, you should,
Here are a few reasons why:

I pin dreamy homes like THIS one onto my Dream Home board.

Pinecone Star

Last December I shared this large pinecone star over at Ella Claire, did you ever get a chance to see it? Well if not, I'm going to re-share the tutorial with you here today.

This pinecone start is so large that it fit perfectly on our fireplace mantel.

Featured in Country Sampler's Christmas Decorating Magazine

 I am so excited to be featured in the Special Christmas Decorating Issue of Country Sampler magazine.

My favorite Holiday Decor from Pottery Barn

Whenever the Holiday season is approaching, I always love to go to Pottery Barn for decorating inspiration.  Nobody does Christmas better than Pottery Barn, Am I right?   Pottery Barn just has that classic relaxed style that I'm all about. I love their mix of furs, plaids, and greenery, it all feels very rustic and super cozy. 
So today I thought I'd share 10 of my favorite holiday decor items from Pottery Barn that are on my wish list. 

Favorite Things on my Kitchen Counter

Our kitchen counter is an area I like to keep fresh and simple.  Whenever my counters start to feel too cluttered, which it always seems to end up that way, I clear everything off and give it a fresh start. 
Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite things that are on our kitchen counter right now.

Using fabric as picture mats

 Today's post is about an easy project anyone can do to create a stylish look to an otherwise boring picture frame. 
You may have seen this project before because I shared it a while back on City Farmhouse. But I thought I'd go ahead and re-share it today just in case you missed it.